Art Attack Roundup for 25 August 2014

In the world of art, as in life, there are only two kinds of news… The Bad News The Delaware Art Museum is selling off anything that isn’t stuck to the wall. Well, it’s not quite that bad yet. But their director, Michael Miller (who was formerly employed by DuPont and has no arts background) […]

We’ve Seen That Before: Selfies Part 2 – A Sense of Place

Welcome to a new segment entitled ‘We’ve seen that before’, because nothing makes us historians more smug than pointing out that some recent phenomenon has origins or parallels with something long established.  (Read Part 1 of this series) In the epic age since Art Attack last added its own humble contribution to the myriad, weird and cool-wierd […]

Art Attack Roundup for 11 August 2014

What’s been happening in the world of art and art-related nonsense, you ask?  Excellent question. Enjoy the smattering of links below, and be better informed.  Smackdown at the Tate The controversy over Tate director Penelope Curtis continues. Basically, she’s given only a few rooms at the Tate Britain to the historical collection (1550-1900) and LOTS […]