How to Frame Your Art

Framing is a vital step in displaying art, but one that most people gloss over. After all, how hard can it be? Get yourself a cheap-o $5 frame and shove the item in there. Presto! But, if you want to have things look right, and more importantly preserve your framed item, it might need a […]

10 Ways to Fill Your Empty Walls

Nothing strikes me with horror like an empty wall. Perhaps that’s why I became a Victorian art historian— they loved clutter. However, I know many people who have next to nothing on their walls. Some of them are dedicated minimalists, and that’s their aesthetic. But others want to put something there, but are unsure. What […]

How to Look at Art, Part 1: An Example from my Wall

Last week, I wrote about how to visit a museum or gallery, and in that post I mentioned that you really need to look at the art. Like, for a while. But just staring at something doesn’t necessarily bring profound revelations— you need to know how to look and what to look for. So this […]

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12 Tips for Visiting an Art Museum

As an art historian, my friends and family often ask me to come with them when they visit a museum. Of course, I’m always delighted. Museums are my happy place. But I realise for many people museums are intimidating. They feel like they need permission to enter the hallowed halls of culture, or a guide […]