John Rogers Herbert, R.A.

John Rogers Herbert, R.A. (1810-1890) was a Royal Academician, an established and well-respected member of the British art scene. He had been a successful painter of portraits and romantic genre scenes until the early 1840s, when his conversion to Catholicism changed the tone of his art.

John Rogers Herbert
Photo of J.R. Herbert, c.1880
Photo courtesy of Y.R. Herbert

He then became known for historical scenes showing the religious history of Britain, his meditations on Biblical subjects set in the context of authentic Middle Eastern landscape, and most famous for his monumental murals decorating the New Palace of Westminster. Herbert’s work was a major influence on the young Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and he was on the Committee of Selection for the South Kensington Museum, now known as the V&A in London.

Herbert was the topic of my PhD thesis, and my ongoing research. I am currently working on a book, as well as several papers and articles.

Do you know something about Herbert? Own one of his works? I am always interested to hear from those who have any information about Herbert. If you do, I’d love to hear from you.

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