The Railway Station

This week on The Art Doctor (my alter-ego!) we look at a fantastic and detailed Victorian painting by William Powell Frith. Check it out below:

Here is the best image I could find of the painting – I’d love an even higher-res version at some point, but Getty Images wanted to charge me $600AUD for it and THAT was not happening.

William Powell Frith, The Railway Station, 1862, Royal Holloway, University of London

Royal Holloway’s former curator Mary Cowling, who supervised my MA, has written extensively on Frith and Victorian genre painting in general. Her lectures and writings are the basis for all my knowledge of this topic, and I highly recommend you read her seminal work, Victorian Figurative Painting.

In fact, I pinched a diagram of every character in The Railway Station for you from page 116. You’re welcome. 😉