Below are my current workshops, available in the Melbourne (Australia) area, or in an online form. I can also customise a workshop to your needs.
Contact me for details.

Ways of looking
Audience: Writers
Duration: 2-3 hours
Created for writers, this is an interactive workshop where participants encounter a work of art, and craft a written response. Participants will be encouraged to think and write visually, using major artworks as inspiration. Learn how art historians look at the formal aspects of art, as well as how an artist’s biography and cultural context can enhance and deepen any written description of an artwork, in both fiction and non-fiction.
This workshop is usually taught in a museum or gallery space, using the collection on display, but can be taught in a classroom or online, depending on your requirements.

How to write about (your) art
Audience: Artists
Duration: 3-4 hours
Description: Writing about art, a visual and visceral medium, can sometimes be difficult. As an artist, writing about your own work can be even more challenging. In this workshop for practicing artists, you will learn how art historians analyse a work of art, and how to describe your own work in different contexts. We will explore how creative process and biographical detail can deepen audience engagement, as well as how to write for specific occasions, such as gallery exhibitions or competitions.